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Dr. Ilona Michailovič
Associate Professor
Education: PhD Thesis, Vilnius University, 2001. 
MA in Law, Vilnius University, 1994.

Research interests:

Victimology, Restorative Justice, Gender Jurisprudence, Gender-based Violence, Discrimination and Human Rights, Criminal Law.

Selected publications 

Aurelija Novelskaitė
Dr. Aurelija Novelskaitė
Associate Professor
Education:  PhD in Sociology, Kaunas University of Technology. PhD dissertation „Women in Lithuanian Academic (scientific) Community: a Sociological Analysis“, Kaunas University of Technology, 2003.
MA in Sociology, Kaunas University of Technology, 1997.
BA in Business Administration, Kaunas University of Technology, 1995.
Research interests:
Interrelations between Sociology of Gender and Sociology of Science, Sociology of Professions, Sociology of Organizations, Research (Academic) Ethics.

Selected publications


Dr. Lijana Stundžė, head
Associate Professor

PhD in Communication, Vilnius University, 2000.

MA in Communication and Information, Vilnius University, Faculty of Communication, 1993.
Research interests:
Gender Communication.

Deimante Seporaityte

Dr. Deimantė Šėporaitytė - Vismantė
Assistant Professor
PhD in Sociology, Vytautas Magnus University, 2011.
MA in Sociology, Vytautas Magnus University, 2006.
BA in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Šiauliai University, 2004.
Research interests:
Dissability and Gender Intersections, Biographies of Men and Women, Gender and Interpersonal Relations, Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences, The Discourse Analysis.
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